Ability to Mark a Landing Page Unused


Sometimes I create a landing page and only use it for a short period of time. When that time is over, I hate to delete the landing page because then I will lose all the conversion, visitor and testing data. It would be nice, however, to be able to mark a landing page as not currently being used. This would make it so that I would know easily which pages don’t have to be kept up-to-date with changes.


Hey @Annastasia_Webster!

Not sure if this will help, but grouping your pages could solve your problem for now?


Like @Stefano suggested groups are good for this. We create archives this way. Essentially, we create groups that have campaign name and date and put “used” LPs in there.

I’ve seen talk in other threads about adding a feature to download all dat, not there yet. Hopefully soon though :slight_smile:


Yup, grouping is the way to go. We unpublish old pages, and put them in an “Archive” group when we want to keep the pages, but have them out of the way from active projects.