Ability to launch (open) a page from the all pages view

Q: What feature / functionality are you looking for?
A:From the All Pages View, in addition top the options to Edit Champion, Preview, Duplicat, etc; I would like the option to launch (open) the published champion page.

Q: What problem are you trying to solve?
A: I frequently need to launch a series of pages in order to get the URL so I can paste it into an email to various people to review the published pages.

Q: If solved, what value would this provide (ex. increased efficiency, cost savings, etc.)?
A: reduces my clicks and time.

Q: Use Case example? (ex. As a ____ I want to be able to _____ so I can _____.)
A: I want to be able to more quickly respond to requests for page URLs to review.

Q: Is this being solved by another workaround or any other tool today?
A: Today, I must open a page to the overview, the Ctrl click on the URL to open the published page in a new tab. Then I go back to All Pages view and repeat this process to get a series of tabs open so I can get the URL from each one.