Ability to Drag & Drop items in the Content Tree for Easier & Faster Sorting Purposes


I have a lengthy landing page I just completed building from scratch and when I looked at the mobile version it was super unorganized so I have spent a great amount of time placing things where they should be.


But what I’m spending a ton of time on is sorting the content on the left side so that I know what is what and it makes everything easier to move, sort, understand.

Here’s a video of what I mean: https://www.useloom.com/share/126f8b4d87bf47109795166497a2e6c6

It would be SO much easier if the content on the left was also a drag & drop. Sometimes the content does not move up or down like it’s supposed to – jumps too far down/up or it doesn’t move at all – and this makes it very difficult to move one. :triumph: :tired_face: :cry:

Has anyone else experienced the same issue?


Hey Darren!

First off, thank you for introducing me to Loom, I’ve never used it before and it’s an awesome way to get a message across! Sadly, I don’t have the answer you were looking for. The content tree on the side is intended more as a visual representation of the structure of the page. It also provides an easy way to navigate to specific content on the page. Unfortunately it can’t be used to move content on the page, but being able to order page sections via the content tab is a great feature request, and I’ll make sure our Product team receives this feedback.

I’ve created a clip to explain what I might try in this situation: https://www.useloom.com/share/7269872e8400466aac9162fdd1b4b4fa

Jump back in if you have any more questions, Darren!



Hey Jessica! :wave:

Awesome! So glad you like Loom. Make communicating so much easier! I love using it.

Okay here’s another video for you, you ALMOST got what I was looking for so I just showed you in a little more detail. :smile:

So basically if I could drag & drop items in the content tree it would make things move so much quicker! :slight_smile: