Ability to download files (images, PDF's) straight from a landing page, instead of just on the form confirmation page


Would it be possible to have the ability to host PDFs through Unbounce not included in a form? I do a lot of landing pages that have several information links (Press Releases, FAQs, ect.) and this would be SO HELPFUL!

Currently I am hosting them elsewhere, but if they could be all hosted in the same spot like images, it would save a lot of time!

Thanks :slight_smile:


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I would like to add a “download PDF” button to my landing page. However, the “download file” option in the button editor only appears for buttons on the form confirmation page. How do I create a button that downloads a file on the actual landing page?


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Hi Everyone,

I’m creating separate landing pages for thank you pages (not using the form confirmation dialog).

Is it possible to create a “download file” button on a regular landing page and not a “form confirmation dialog”? If so, how do I do that?

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Hi Katy! 

I’ve noted this request as ‘Under Consideration’, and merged some similar questions into this thread as well. This way all the votes from the previous threads will count towards this one, and it will allow us to track the requests for this feature all in one place. 

Thanks for your idea! :) 


I had the same issue recently. The ability to download pdfs without having to host them on another server would make things much simpler.


We also use a separate lander for confirmation. We would like the ability download documents from a normal landing page. Also the ability to auto download when the guest submits the form.


Has this been figured out? We want visitors to actually be able to download the whitepaper we send to them.


Hi Lee, 

Unbounce allows you to connect a button on your confirmation popup to a file (PDF) that you have uploaded through Unbounce. 

![](https://d2r1vs3d9006ap.cloudfront.net/s3_images/1325704/RackMultipart20151209-24147-ytsnb2-Edit A - Dropbox_Multiple_File_Download inline.png?1449648511 “Image https//d2r1vs3d9006apcloudfrontnet/s3_images/1325704/RackMultipart20151209-24147-ytsnb2-Edit__A__-__Dropbox_Multiple_File_Download__inlinepng1449648511”)

Just place a button on your thank you pop up, style it and select “Download File” from the right-hand side. 

Alternatively, if you are looking to serve multiple files in different formats you might want to take a look at this recent thread, where I’ve provided some examples:

Let us know if this helps you or if you have a more particular use case. 



Hi All,

I think we all see that, but we want to have the whitepaper download on the landing page itself… rather than gated behind a lead form.

I’ve created a custom HTML box with styling to look like my desired button and a basic download reference, but that’s not a friendly option for many of my team mates or clients using unbounce.

Please keep us posted!


Alan Holding


Yes, it would be very convenient if you could place a download file button right on the initial page without having to fill in data and having to confirm first. I’m already waiting for this function for months…


Hi Jabel, 

You can easily accomplish a direct download button/link straight on your landing page without requiring a visitor to submit your form.

Just upload your file to dropbox, google drive or your own server and link it with a button on your landing page.

However, make sure you test this option thoroughly since it would most probably impact the conversion rate of your page.



Hi Alan, 

Please see my comment below to Jabel’s question. 

It’s pretty easy to accomplish and it’s an immediate solution to your problem.



Hi Hristian, thx for the info. 

I’m aware of that, the main issue we already had with this is that it doesn’t work with our customers, clicking through to pages and text that have nothing in common with our landing page or website.

A big part of our target group are people that usually don’t use internet much and aren’t used to clicking extra links, etc… Extra links, more instructions and different pages with technical sites like “dropbox, download” etc. makes them quit everything very quickly.

We did the test with some of our customers and we were surprised how long it took for some to find out everything on very basic pages.

An immediate dl button on the page with f.e. “get your … here” would be the best solution in this case.

Many thx for replying

Greetings Jebel


Hi Jebel,

I completely agree that sending your traffic to a 3rd party is not the optimal solution. 

However, my suggestion just uses dropbox to host the files. 

Your visitors/leads will never leave your landing page. After they click the button, the file(s) start downloading automatically and they never know the difference. 

You can read about how to modify the dropbox link so it’s a straight download instead of a redirect to the dropbox site here.
(The thread is about downloading multiple files on the confirmation popup but you can use the same idea to link a button on your main page to download a file straight away, just like you need)

Let me know if you have questions. 



I agree this would be very helpful!


Hi Hristian,

Thanks for your help, but I think you are missing where the disconnect is.  We aren’t having problems hosting a file (that was just one particular side-note above).

If you add a “Button” through Unbounce… there is no Download option unless it is on the confirmation page.  It should be easy for UB to transfer that 3rd option over since they already have it working on the confirmation page.

Go ahead and try to set one up yourself… Post a link to the LP if you are able to do so.  We would all be curious to see it. 

As mentioned, most of us are having to use ‘Custom HTML’ and style a button manually to have a simple download button.

This is an easy one that’s on Unbounce to add.  Hopefully enough commotion on this thread will press the urgency!

Thanks again all,



Hi Alan + Hristian, 

You’re both right in this regards, actually! When we were building the page builder, we made a conscious decision to not just put ‘download’ buttons on the landing page itself, as this went against landing page marketing best practices (and I believe Google AdWords as well, but I could be mistaken). 

I believe things have eased up in this regards, so perhaps this is something that we could build in the future. You’re right, I don’t think this one would be very difficult, we would just need to be able to scope the idea and possibly build it during one of our next ship-it days. 



Thanks Justin!

I see now that Hristian was referring to using the “Download Button” provided by Dropbox in that example, not a UB Button.  Certainly a possibility but I would usually prefer to have something hosted on the client’s actual domain or even the CNAME’d sub-domain (probably not the right terminology).

Would be helpful to see this added, and would save me a bit of CSS work.

Thanks again all for your help and attention.   The UB tool has brought us a lot of success across a variety of clients and is an important part of our mix!



Hi Alan, 

I’m aware that currently, you can’t use a button on the actual landing page to download a file hosted/uploaded on Unbounce. 

However, my solution was more in line of what you can accomplish fairly easy that at the same time would provide similar results. 

Here is an example I put together with an Unbounce button that downloads a file hosted on Dropbox (you can, of course, use your own hosting if you wish to do so). 


Is it the best solution - no, but it is an immediate solution which I believe is much easier to implement then dropping custom HTML elements and styling them as a button. 

Best of luck, 


Thanks again for sharing this workaround, Hristian! This is the best workaround to accomplish this for now.