Ability to define custom time period (date range) for conversions / visitors / reports


Looking at the list of my landing pages I can only see some total numbers visitors and conversions. Ability to select a period of time for this view would allow me to see the reaction on my recent marketing changes.


Hey Anton, that’s a cool idea!

You know you can get a per-page view on your conversion rate chart, right? I realize that doesn’t give you an “at-a-glance” view…


This feature would be really helpful in terms of benchmarking performance by month across all landing pages. This kind of visibility is critical, I’d imagine, for most marketers.


Agreed. I’d like to get daily benchmarks even!


This idea is of huge importance to those of us using UB for client reporting. If I can’t specify a date range, I have to remember to log in the day after a reporting period ends. This isn’t always feasible and makes it impossible to pull ad-hoc reports and comparisons. Hope this feature makes into a future build.


Been silently wanting this for months!


I would just like to see a chart of visits by date that would be similar to the conversion chart at the very least.


Being able to select a date range and see impressions/conversions stats would be great. I am not sure if that falls under this request…


Being able to check data of each page on a specific date range is essential. It’s important for agencies to give a view of the visits/conversions by months our weeks. It’s also useful to check results on a shorter time range.

For example we can have a case where on last month you want to compare page A vs page B when page A exists for 6 months and page B for 1 month. It would be the only way to compare similar volumes of visits if you have a 50/50 split otherwise the A page will have too much volume to be compared easily.


I feel the same way as well. As Marketing Director for my company, I need to be able to see global reports to be able to report to the group more effectively. It would be great to be able to, on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis, traffic and conversions, etc.


Hey guys, I just wanted to chime in and let you know where we’re at. We’ve begun development on expanding Unbounce to better accomodate agencies doing work for multiple clients/companies. I know this doesn’t directly tie in to it, but we are going to be putting some focus on improving reporting overall, and part of that will definitely be seeing stats for specific groups of pages, as well as based on specific date periods. Thanks for the feedback thus far, we’ll be incorporating as much of it as we can.



Hi Carter,

I’m not an agency, but I’d like reporting by defined date ranges, too. And if at all possible, feed in all historical data so that we have it going backwards.



It would be great if I can see the landing pages stats per week and per month, including all past stats. As of right now I can only see stats for the last 30 days or so. This really limits me in comparing previous months performances. We need a date functionality that allows us to look at specific dates, dates over a period of time and compare dates’ stats against each other.

It would also be great if we could compare landing pages stats against each other and be able to download the stats in Excel and PDF.

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Yes, I agree, I need to know my visits and conversions on a daily basis. This will also allow me to determine my conversion rate of my landing page during specific days and better yet, time of day.


Can the Unbounce folks make a post letting us know if this feature is planned, however rough the date?

Without this, the value of the A/B testing is severely reduced.


Hi Michael,
Yes I can guarantee you that this is high up on our list, but we still have no ETA for it. Sorry I can’t give you more than that at this time, but please know that we understand how much this would improve the value of our A/B testing tool, and is definitely something we look forward to building. When we actually kick the project off and have a better understanding of dates we will update this thread.


5 Months ago and its still High up on your list after being suggested 2 years ago…One of the fundamental reports for any marketing initiative is the time based report. Time to go look for other solutions as it is high on my list and soon to be an ex-clients list.


I agree with Scott, this feature is really necessary!


I need reporting over time. A simple CSV Export would be great. It’s already tracked per billing cycle, why can’t I simply export that?


This would be extremely helpful. Even a CSV export of daily visits vs. conversions would suffice as a short-term bandaid.