Ability to create tables


1: What feature / functionality are you looking for? Ability to create tables on my Unbounce landing pages, so I can insert a pricing comparison chart.

2: What problem are you trying to solve? Ability to create 3-4 column tables so I can show various features and pricing options. You can see an example on this page, where we had our developer insert code for a table:



3: If solved, what value would this provide (ex. increased efficiency, cost savings, etc.)?
Improved content on landing pages, which hopefully lead to more conversions. But immediate benefit would be increased efficiency and cost savings (because I wouldn’t have to have someone else create the html)

4: Use Case example? (ex. As a ____ I want to be able to _____ so I can _____.)
I would be able to communicate some complicated comparisons in a table.

5: Is this being solved by another workaround or any other tool today?
Yes, I had our web developer create the html for the table and insert it into the Unbounce code, but I couldn;'t edit or see the table unless it was in Preview mode or actually launched.


This is a good idea, @Trinkadink!

Thanks for submitting it. We’ll make sure our product team checks it out as well.


Thank you!