A popup use case that will BLOW YOUR MIND




My colleague @Luis_Francisco has whipped up one of the cooler things I’ve ever seen in online marketing that I feel is worth sharing here.

As I’m sure many of you are aware, @Oli_Gardner has been hibernating all month, cranking out blog post after blog post on the topic of product marketing. One of his recent posts is particularly mind blowing and deserves to be shared in as many ways as possible.

Imagine the image below is a postcard you sent to your customers:

Your customer visits the URL listed on the postcard, and then this happens…

To see Oli’s full list of mind-blowing use cases for website popups, visit the link below:

5 Legitimately Cool Use Cases for Website Popups You've Never Considered (Includes Augmented Reality)

Feedback? Questions? Want to learn how this is done? I sit across from @Luis_Francisco, so feel free to hit reply and we’ll chat! :smiley:

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