A method to insert dynamic phone numbers into a button?


Hello people,

I’ve currently inserted a dynamic phone number via, Google forwarding numbers, on an unbounce page, which is working correctly for phone numbers inside the body tags. However, when I click on the “Call us now” button, which also contains the phone number to be replaced, my phone shows me the default number, and not the dynamic phone number. This means that we are unable to attribute the phone calls from that button back to our campaigns.

Is there a javascript code somewhere that can change the link number to the dynamic trackable one?

Many Thanks in advanced guys,


Hi there!

Make sure you have Unbounce’s most recent script on your page for number swapping :wink:

Let me know if it works!


Hey Stefano,

I’ve added the scripts & edited the relevant parts, however when I click on the button via my mobile phone (clicked through the advert to see it), my mobile is still trying to call the default number and not the Google Forwarding number.



Did it swap correctly for the numbers within your body tags?


It’s swapped correctly in the body tags, but I also need the tel:xxx-xxx Number to also change to the forwarding number on call.


Hmm this is tricky.

You are also using the AdWords calls to website script? We use the script variant using a specific number (instead of generic one) and have had no issues w/ swapping numbers dynamically.

Could you share your page here, or via DM (if you can). Might be easier for me to dig in. Also happy to troubleshoot this via a screen-share if you’d like :grinning: