A few forms at one landing page


Hello, unbounce team!
My LP is long and it’d be nice to set a few the same forms in different parts of the page. How can I do this?


Hi Kirill - Unfortunately you cannot have more than one unbounce form on your page, or a duplicate of the same unbounce form.

That being said, you should be able to achieve your goal using a third party form such as Wufoo. Once you create the form, you can embed it several times using the ‘customHTML’ object.

I also recommend looking over our support article on integrating Wufoo forms:



Hey Johnny… is there any other way to overcome this? I mean, I’ve tried to add a button which would take the visitor to the form but this too is not possible… apparently buttons only get visitors to another URL, don’t they? Any other idea on this? I really don’t want to use Wufoo as this would harm my conversion rate analysis… many thanks! 


Hey Bernardo - There’s no way other than embedding a third party form.

That said you can have a button scrolll down to the form. Here’s a guide that steps you through how to do it:



Hey Johnny! Loved the scroll-down solution! Unbounce is just awesome! Thank you so much for your help