A/B Testing Unbounce Pages against existing pages?


Can I setup new landing pages in Unbounce (UB) and test them against existing landing pages on my site? For example, before I used UB I have a website with landing pages which I used for Adwords.

Now I have developed new landing pages in UB but I want to test them against the original landing pages, is this possible and if so how?

I see a similar question was asked a couple of years ago and there was a way with a hack but is there an easier way to do this now?


Hi Darrell - Our app is designed to really only AB test pages made within our app. If you would like to AB test your Unbounce page with a non-unbounce page you may be able to do so with another service such as Visual Website Optimizer or Optimizely.


However, if your adamant on testing your pages with Unbounce, there may be a workaround. It requires you to create a variant on your Unbounce page with nothing on it except a script which navigates you away to your existing landing page.

<script type="text/javascript"> <br /> <!-- <br /> window.location = "http://www.google.com/" <br /> //--> <br /> </script>

Hope that helps!


Hey, I thought I’d check in on this request to see if there have been any new developments in the ability to do this in the past two years? I’m using the Wordpress plugin for Unbounce, so I’m not sure if that helps with the ability for Unbounce to gain access to those other pages. 


Hi Marcie, 

You still need a 3rd party application to split your traffic between your current page(s) and your new Unbounce page(s). 

VWO as suggested, above, is one such software. Another one is Optimizely. 

Since, you seem to have the “older” pages already designed and implemented, it’s a matter of setting a conversion software to split the traffic between your old pages and your Unbounce variants. 

Both of these platforms have pretty decent documentation and tutorials, so you should up and running in no time. 

However, keep in mind that for a chance at a successful conversion test you need two very important ingredients - traffic & conversions. 

Let us know what tool you end up using and how it all turns out.



Thanks for your advice! Do you have any thoughts on using that script above? My concern is that the script might cause us to lose our referring URL parameter data and cause the traffic source referrer to show as our website incorrectly. 


Does this script addition still work? I’d like to use an existing website page as the control vs. new landing pages that I’ve created to test. And if this script addition does work, how/where does it get placed and is it possible to test to make sure it works before running the test. Please let me know. Thanks!