A/B, Multivariate Testing to Variants and Cookies


I need some help regarding my variants I created to my form.

So, I have a form and I created 3 variants to it with minor changes to see what my visitors prefer seeing and also what are the maximum conversions. In a previous blog on Unbounce community, it was discussed that if a visitor sees one variant, he/she would see the same variant if they refresh the page or return back after sometime with the simple reason that Unbounce drops a cookie on their browser.

Now, here’s the problem:
After launching the 3 variants, I refreshed the form multiple times and also returned to the page after sometime and every time, I get a different variant which either means that cookie isn’t dropped on my browser or some other problem that I’m unable to understand. I tried this on my friend’s mobile/laptop as well and he too is getting different variants when refreshed. Also tried on my team’s respective devices and experiencing the same problem. Now, the cookie settings are default on everyone’s device.

I want to understand why is this occurring? If there’s any setting that I’ll have to enable to add cookies or code it manually, kindly let me know as soon as possible.

What I want is that if I refresh the form or return back, I get the exact same variant again and again.


Hi @akhilmanikeri,

Cookie-ing visitors is automatic and you don’t need to do anything on your end to enable it.

Now, based on your post I have a few follow up questions:

  • You’ve mentioned that you have a form with 3 variants - is the form a native Unbounce form or are you using a 3rd party to create your form?
  • Do you see a cookie being written when you load the page?
  • Do you have any scripts that you’ve added to the page that might be interfering with the page’s normal behavior?

Last but not least, you might want to reach out to the Unbounce support team directly and they can take a look at your page.


Hi Hristian,

Thank you for your response. To your questions,

  1. Yes, I have a form (champion variant) with 3 other variants. It is a native Unbounce form and haven’t used any 3rd party to create my form. But my Unbounce form and these variants are integrated to my WordPress domain.

  2. How do I read that?

  3. I’ve added the usual javascripts: Google Analytics for tracking and Facebook Pixels for retargeting.

Let me know if you know of any solution. If not, I’ll reach out to the support team directly.

Thanks again,


Hi @akhilmanikeri,

In that case, it would be best if you reach out to Unbounce support.

They’ll be able to take a look at your page and help you figure out the issue.