/a appended to URLs in Google Analytics


Hi community,

Beginning August 18, all of my Unbounce landing pages started appearing in Google Analytics with /a appended to them. For example, /landing-page becomes /landing-page/a. I changed nothing in my GA configuration nor anything in Unbounce, either globally or to individual pages, during this time. This is specific to my Unbounce pages - it’s not happening on my corporate site.

All of my landing pages appear to be functioning properly. I’ve tested and confirmed that users are on /landing-page and I’m seeing the visit as /landing-page/a - i.e. I don’t actually have any visitors to /landing-page/a.

Has anyone encountered a similar issue?


Tried to edit the post and failed – is this related to page variants? I can’t find any documentation on it.


Hi Rob, yes, this is related to page variants. /a is the “A” variant. If you create a “B” variant, it would be appended with /b in analytics. The user won’t see this in the URL when visiting the page. It’s only for tracking purposes on the backend.

Also, as a somewhat related useful little tip… if you ever want to see a variant of a live page, you can just append “/a.html” onto the end of the URL, replacing “a” with whatever the variant is that you want to view.


Thanks Nicholas. Was this separate reporting something you released on 8/18? It caught me completely by surprise.

On a separate note, I had someone go to a test page with multiple variants and saw three pageviews in GA. This doesn’t bode well for my general reporting on traffic:

This person was on the B variant. From what I can tell this doesn’t happen on my pages with only one variant.