662 visits to our landing page in 4 days and only 5 conversions :(


Hi there everyone

On Monday we started a Facebook ad campaign offering debt consolidation. We have a couple of adverts on Facebook generating some great interaction. The ads currently have 1050 clicks, 662 of these have clicked the ‘apply now’ button on the ads and landed on our Facebook-only landing page. However hardly anyone converts

I was wondering if anyone had any advice? Our landing page is http://www.re10.org.uk/3-step-change-facebook/.

There’s currently 3 variants of this page. One of the variants is a carbon copy of the landing page we use for our Google AdWord campaign. This converts 25 leads a day through AdWords so we know it can convert, it just seems to be unappealing to FB visitors. The other two variants have different photos and lots more social proof in the form of reviews. I have installed HotJar today to see if this gives me any clues to where the drop off is on the form.

Be great to hear your feedback on the above. It’s boggling me, and i’m desperate for these Facebook visitors to convert especially as they are only costing us 0.07p!



Hey Jonny, that’s so cheap for Facebook clicks! Do you have GA installed on your landing page? It MIGHT be a good idea to check the IP’s or locations of where people are coming in from (you never know, you might have some haters who are just clicking the button to cost you some money - and saying that, if you find there is a website that seems to be pushing through a lot of traffic then my advice to you is DO NOT go to their website. :slight_smile: )

Other than that, your landing page looks pretty good.
Some minor tweaks:

  • the background colour is white - but the outside of the background colour is slightly different - change this
  • Also i tried to test your landing page - if I were you I would put a * next to the phone number (to act like it is required) and remove the required functionality. Im from New Zealand and I can’t submit the form without entering a US phone number.
  • You might want to look at the ‘bold’ of your landing page. Only have 1 thing bold, and you also might want to think about putting the form at the top of the page.

Anyway, that’s my 2 cents worth.



Hi Erayner

Thanks for you reply! I did think the hits from the Facebook adverts may be fake, I wasn’t aware you could install GA on the landing page!

As for the phone number, the field is essential as we call them pretty much within the hour. Without the number the email address is worthless as responses are slim via email. We only deal with people from the UK as well.

Lastly, results from the heatmap suggests the form is too low, quite a few people are not scrolling down and its not clear that the apply now button takes you to the bottom of the page.


You need to improve several aspect of your LP such as the “Trustability”, Graphic Design, ans overall user experience of the visitors. Also you can include some additional information about “How” the people will reduce their debt, you are describing the “What”


Hey Jonny,

First off, awesome page design! Clean and minimalistic. I like it.

From reading your post, it immediately makes me suspect this is a traffic problem and not a page design problem, especially if you’re converting via Google AdWords at a much higher rate with the same page design.

Facebook traffic is much “colder” than AdWords search campaigns, so you might need to “warm them up” to the brand first and then retarget them with the opt-in page to get them to convert.

I would also test more audiences on Facebook if you haven’t already. If you’re getting really cheap clicks on Facebook, it could be that the targeting is too broad.

As for the page itself, as I mentioned above, I really like it, so there would be little I’d change about the layout. I would maybe test different copy in the hero section, and maybe a different hero image.

The lady with the headset looking forward is a bit “stock photo-ish” and also can be distracting for some visitors. We naturally look at faces, so people might not be understanding the main offer and call-to-action because they’re distracted by the face looking at them. :slight_smile:

Maybe try a photo of someone who is happy because they are debt free. Or a family around a table, smiling and enjoying life. You want the photo to convey the emotions that you want your visitors to feel when they think of your service. In this case, enjoying life debt free.

As for the messaging, the main headline “Reduce your debt today” is a bit bland. It sounds too generic, and not realistic. I know I’m not going to reduce my debt today. It takes time.

Maybe try something like “We can help you write off up to 83% of your debts” or “Want to be debt free in less than 6 years? Let us show you how.”

You can probably come up with better ones than that. But you get the idea.

Well hey, I hope this is helpful. Let us know how everything goes with the campaign!


Noted @AxBizz. I have changed the layout and images since. I installed a heat map on the page and noticed on mobile people were not scrolling down to the form. We had 6 conversions over the weekend, 5 on the new page so are very happy.


Great pointers @Nicholas, thank you!

Since we changed the hero image to the woman with the head set on Friday we have had 5 leads, all on this landing page so we are very pleased. Now we have the formula we will tweak the page and make variants with different images and headlines, I agree the photo is quite stocky and the headline is quite bland. I wanted to keep the headline short and snappy to fit on mobile.

Thanks again.


I’m an unbounce newbie, but I will share my first impression. My eyes went right to the section where the text is over the lady’s mouth. I didn’t even read it. It was just visually distracting. Personally, the visual confusion there would have motivated me to hit the back button.

Also… something about the stock photo of a pretty girl who looks barely 20 years old would not instill enough confidence or trust to share my personal info through the page. For one thing, she is too young to be in charge of solving one of life’s most difficult problems. Plus, her expression is cluelessly detached from the severity of the situation she is supposed to be handling. Obviously, just a phone answerer getting paid cheap wages to send your contact information to a salesman. Again, instant Back button.

Debt is emotional.

It ruins lives. It wrecks retirements. It interferes with relationships. It’s always painful.

Have you tried testing a negative approach?

  • Speak to the pain
  • Spouse and kids knowing something is wrong, but you keep it secret
  • Secrets are toxic
  • End the nagging phone calls
  • Debt keeps growing until you DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT – WE CAN HELP!

That’s my uncandid initial impression and hunch.


Hi Johnny,

Just my 2 cents:

– For the form on the right side, the headline is this: “SIMPLY FILL IN THE FORM BELOW AND A MEMBER OF OUR TEAM WILL GET BACK TO YOU WITHIN 2 HOURS”

Brevity is important for landing pages so you might just want to say: SIGN UP & GET A CALL IN 2 HOURS

– I have to agree with @Nicholas – Facebook traffic is colder than Adwords. But regardless, you’d do very well to give away a short PDF giveaway and focus on getting those leads. You’d then nurture your leads with an autoresponder.

You could give away PDFs or cheatsheets like X Simple Tricks to Go Debt Free In 5 Years

– For your niche, I do have a feeling you’d need all the data you are asking for on the form. But I think you can do away with the “last name” field. You need some form love :slight_smile:

– The woman’s mouth is indeed distracting as @netgain (Andrew) pointed out. You might just want to add an overlay (50 to 60%).

The rest of the page is awesome looking, of course. Great going there. If you’d like to learn more on how to make your landing page work, read this.