6-Step Landing Page Optimization Strategy [VIDEO]

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Richmond, VA :us: to co-host an Unbounce meetup with the fine folks at Workshop Digital. It was awesome meeting our community members in person and hearing how they optimize their landing pages.

Andrew Miller (known around here as @Andrew), Founder & CEO of Workshop Digital, talked about his agency’s Landing Page Optimization process, and this community gets first dibs on the recording!

When he’s not boosting client conversions by 400%, Andrew oversees the SEO, PPC, and CRO teams at Workshop Digital. They help exceptional companies grow with results-driven digital marketing strategies. He’s kind of a big deal.

Watch this video to learn how to approach landing page optimization in an analytical and strategic way. Andrew breaks down how to:

  • Conduct research on your customer
  • Develop, create, and run a test
  • Validate your results and iterate for more wins

Watch the full recording here :point_down:

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Unbounce Landed RVA - 6-Step Landing Page Optimization

But wait, there’s more!

Here’s a link to the landing page that Andrew made for his presentation, along with a copy of Workshop Digital’s QA checklist (this is a gold mine for anyone building and testing landing pages!).

Questions? Comments? Praise for Andrew? We want to hear it all! Feel free to chime in on the thread below! :point_down: We’re all ears!


Jeez, @Andrew sure makes everything just a little bit cooler. :sunglasses:


Thanks for the shout, @Jess!

Here’s the “deck” (actually a landing page) that we shared with the group: https://www.workshopdigital.com/unbounce-landed-rva/

Any/all feedback is welcome. Happy to answer any questions that come up!


you ever do these in NYC? we’d be happy to host in our space. shoot me an email at yoav@photoshelter.com if interested.