500 error - we're sorry, something went wong : cant republish of unpublish my LP's!



I have 12 LP’s published, but I can’t republish them or unpublish them. I get a 500 - we’re sorry, something went wrong error from unbounce.

Also the stats of the LP’s are all on zero (0) while the unique visitor progressbar is arround 10% full…

Can anyone help me?


Having the same problems.


Hey guys,
We had a temporary hiccup tonight with our stats and publisher server, but things have been all fixed now. I can reassure you that no data was lost, and all stats should be displaying in the app again. Publishing should also work as expected again. Sorry for the inconvenience, appreciate you piping in to notify us of the issue.



Everything is working fine again. Thnx for the quick responses here and on Twitter!