5 Steps To More Conversions: Step 4


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When you’re creating landing pages specifically for a campaign, you gain the luxury of being able to tell a story from the first interaction to the conversion. The concept we introduced was message match Ð continuing the conversation from the ad to the landing page.

Do you have any examples of when you’ve seen message matched used very well or very poorly? Have any questions about why message match is important and why anyone should care?

If so, this is the place to ask!


If you’d like to dig into message match further, check out these resources:


Looks like an easy trick to convert an URL slug to a title in the page, something that could be done by any developper on their custom landing page… But, looking for a ready made jquery script, I just can’t find one! It only gives me script to create a slug from a title. Is there some kind of hidden technology behind this that makes it hard to reproduce? I’m curious… :slight_smile: