5 Steps To More Conversions: Step 3


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In the last lesson, we exposed why Òmobile responsive designÓ as most people know it may not do your conversion rates any favors. In order to ensure you’re not leaving mobile conversions on the table, you should be designing an experience for the unique needs of the mobile user.

In the email, we asked you…

Print one of your landing pages and cross out everything you think wouldn’t be necessary on a mobile device. Please share a pic of your marked-up printout here in this thread Ð not just to get feedback, but to let marketers see how others might tailor a campaign experience specifically to mobile users.

If you ran into any tough decisions, we’d love to hear about them, so we can offer advice and support.


There are a few posts on the Unbounce blog that dig into designing for mobile even further, if you’d like to check them out: