5 Steps To More Conversions: Step 1


This thread is dedicated to those taking The 5 Steps To More Conversions course. If you’d like to join, we’d love to have you! You can sign up here.

The first email you received spoke to the importance of removing distractions from your campaign landing pages. To illustrate the opportunities lying in your existing landing pages, we suggested this exercise:

Take a page you’re already sending traffic to as part of a marketing campaign, and either print it out or drop it into your image editor of choice. Then highlight all of the links or content not relating to your conversion goal. Those are distractions. They’re killing your conversion rate.Share your edited page in this thread, and feel free to ask any questions you have about removing distractions from your campaigns.


Hey folks! Just wanted to add a couple additional resources we have on the topic, if you’d like to learn more.


And I thought it would be enough to simply remove navigation links in the header…  

Here is my first shot at cleaning up a landing page.


Harry, that’s a great stating point! It looks like there’s a lot of opportunity to focus the reader’s attention. One thing that really stood out for me - I couldn’t tell if the main CTA was to schedule an appointment, or to verify chiropractic coverage. 

It would be great to see how you might change this page after considering steps 2-5. I hope to see you in the community threads for the future steps!


The only link on my landing page is the CTA “Click Here to Download”. Maybe we should include social share buttons.



Hi Roxanne,

Thanks for sharing! It’s great that you only have 1 CTA on the page. To keep the focus on the “Click Here to Download” button, you might consider placing the social share buttons on the thank you page or within the guide itself.

We’ve used a “pay with a tweet” option with success in the past, but although you get extra promotion, you lose out on contact info.

Looking forward to hearing any ideas that come up as you continue through the rest of the 5 steps :slight_smile:


Hi, guys and gals.

This is  a “landing page” we created before we knew what a landing page is supposed to be. This is just a page on our website that is not accessible via any of the site navigation. The idea was to get people to the page so they get a “bit” of info on the product and can try it out (via the “Try me” and left-hand icon navigation – the panel slides out over the current web page and when closed, slides back, so the user never leaves the page) before filling in the form for more info.


You’ve pointed out so many opportunities for improvement! And everything you mentioned looks spot on. I’m really excited to see what you come out of the course with. 

Don’t suppose you’re tracking conversion rates on the page currently? If you do end up redoing the page, it would be great to know the difference in results.