5 Steps To More Conversions: Share Your Landing Pages


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If you’ve progressed through the 5 Steps To More Conversions Course to this point, you will have learned everything you need to get more conversions out of your campaigns and you will have at least started building a page. 


This thread is dedicated to helping new Unbounce customers build their first page and adhere to the 5 fundamental principles outlined in the course:

  1. Every campaign and landing page should have a single conversion goal

  2. The highest-converting landing pages contain 5 key elements

  3. Mobile prospects need a mobile-specific experience

  4. Match the message from the campaign to the landing page

  5. Optimize your campaigns, even after they’ve launched

We strongly encourage people to post their half-done, ugly, nonsensical pages and ask for advice. We’re here to help! If you have any questions about landing page design, don’t be shy to ask.

If you have more technical questions about how to accomplish something in the landing page builder, get in touch with our in-house success team support@unbounce.com. They didn’t earn their 98% satisfaction rating for nothing!


Should we post the page here? Mine is at http://salsaincolombia.mrph.co/ any advice would be most welcome


Juan Carlos,

A landing page defines an offer, you say: “I will email you with a personal offer.” or something along those lines. So you are sort of burying the lead. Come on out and tell people right off the bat what it is you do, and why they should do it too.

First, I would do is switch the headline and sub-head. Be super clear. Define the offer right under the video or at least state I design custom packages for those looking to learn to dance. Maybe move the icons up and move the what would I get below them. 

The olark chat widget is great!

I’d include more personal info about you. Tell people who you are, why you are qualified to teach them etc. The testimonial does this, and it is great social proof, but it might help to have a bio section with some photos.

You are on the right path, a few tweaks and you should start to see some results. How are you going to drive traffic to the page?



Thanks Joe! It was nice to chat with you. I am going to work on that right now… Hmmm I am using Facebook Ads, but not getting many clicks, now I am going to give it a try to Google Ads and Facebook Groups (of salsa) 


Do you have a facebook page? Have you tried dynamic keyword insertion? If you could post a screen shot of the ads that would help.  Google Ads and Facebook ads are great for driving traffic. But they are complicated. If you are looking for a great resource on facebook ads check out jonloomer.com 



Done what you told me: I just created a new version taking into account your advice (my bio, etc) I gave it 60% weight to test it. Sure, here you have a screen of my Facebook ads  http://screencast.com/t/WfHk39CIUBVc What do you think?

Thanks a lot!




Are you showing the ads to english speaking people or spanish?  I ask because the ad is in english, but the CTA is in spanish. 

I would also consider focuing on one ascpet of your program, right now you talk about dance and travel.  If you can match the headline from the ad to the  headline on the landing page you might see a rise in conversions.  Keep going, you are on the right path.




I think the CTA is in Spanish because I use Facebook in spanish, i am going to double check though. Ok! I am going to work on my title to match the ad.

Thanks again



Mas informaci—n will display as Learn More when targeting those that use Facebook in English.  By the way, congrats on getting a video going for your business.  Might be interesting to test smaller snippets of that video vs. full length.


All great advice!

Juan, regarding Joe’s advice on the headline and sub-head, I think you could just delete:

What is the offer?
I design custom packages for those looking to learn to dance Colombian-Style Salsa here in Colombia.
Then you could highlight/enlarge:

What you would get:  
Stay in my family home in Bogot‡ (B&B) 
Lessons of Colombian Style Salsa with great teachers
Dance with locals in the most traditional venues of Salsa in Bogot‡ 
Shuttle (from and to Airport)Plus, I bet they’d love to see pictures of the home they could stay in!


Great point, Joe!