404 page?


Hi, I use unbounce with a custom URL. There are only a handful pages, all created with unbounce. The problem is that I used to have another website on that domain and all previous links to my site now end in a standard browser 404 page.

It would be nice to be able to create a custom 404 page for those visitors to help them reach their destiny, or at least be able to redirect all 404’s to the homepage.


Hi there!

A custom 404 page is a great idea, although we don’t have a ton of users who need this, given that Unbounce mostly gets used to drive traffic to existing sites, or to launch brand new sites. We don’t too often get users replacing existing sites with Unbounce pages. I’ve added this to our issue tracker, so we will get to it at some point, but we have a fairly long list of items higher up on the priority list.

If this is something you’re still really needing, we might be able to work out something temporary, but you’d likely have some restrictions on not being able to re-publish your home page, as that would overwrite the custom configuration. Just let us know if you’d like a hand setting up something manually until we can work this into the product.

Thanks for your feedback!


I also am interested in this topic, specifically if people type in
They land on blank page. Would be nice to re-direct that to a particular landing page or to company.com

Also, if people type in
subdomain.company.com/mispelledWord - ie they are trying to get back to a landing page for whatever reason. This can either pull up a 404 or re-direct them.



Hi Sean - thank you for the feedback

As a workaround, you may want to consider publishing a blank page to subdomain.company.com that uses a javascript redirect to send visitors to your landing page.

A javascript redirect is pretty easy to implement. Just paste the following code into your page’s scripts dialog and replace www.google.com with the URL you want to redirect to.

<script type="text/javascript"> <br /> <!-- <br /> window.location = "http://www.google.com/" <br /> //--> <br /> </script>

Hope that helps!


Hey guys

Has any progress been made here? I’ve got IT all up in my grill about what happens if people accidentally hit a URL on the subdomain I’ve redirected to unBounce, but there isn’t an unBounce page.

They want to know if we can:

  1. Redirect in the event of a 404 to our own error page on our site
  2. Append the requested URL as a querystring on the end of our error page URL, so we know what they were trying to hit.


I am using Wordpress for a half dozen Unbounce domains.  I created a 404 page on that platform as well as one in Unbounce.  When I pull up some random page URL/xxx it displays the Wordpress 404 page.  Is there are issue with Wordpress domains?


Hi Jim, I could be wrong about this, but I believe that if you already have a non-Unbounce 404 page built on your WordPress site, it will override the Unbounce 404 page you’ve created. You might want to try unpublishing your WordPress 404 page, and see if the Unbounce 404 page works.


Aha, will try that right now.  


Renamed the 404.php file in the theme, still loads the theme’s 404 page. Will do more testing.  The child theme (the active one) does not have a 404.php. May have a Wordpress expert look at it, our expertise is in Joomla. 


Hi Everyone - it was a long time since the original request, but because of our new page server, we’ve been able to come up with a custom 404 solution.

Just publish a page to /404/ for your custom domain and it will serve up whenever someone hits a page on that domain that doesn’t exist.

ex. I have http://unbounce.quinnomori.com/404/ set up

So, if someone were to visit http://unbounce.quinnomori.com/thisis… (or any other page that doesn’t exist), that 404 page will display


You beauty! Just what I needed!