404 error on Custom Domain


I have the vanity URL, http://GoodDayMag.com forwarding to http://www2.jigsawhealth.com/doug-ste…

According to this page, http://unbounce.com/features/custom-u… , that’s the right way to do it.

I added the CNAME record for www2, and it appears to be working.

And the page is live / published here: http://unbouncepages.com/doug-stephen…

But as you can see, http://www2.jigsawhealth.com/doug-ste… isn’t working.

Something on my end? I’m guessing not since the 404 error message is Apache and my site is hosted on MS IIS.

Thx, Patrick


Ok, Jason M in Unbounce support helped me realize that I needed to change the domain from unbounce to my new custom domain.

Working now!


Happy to help-out Patrick! - all the best with your campaign!