401 response code for page links


I’m having a problem with links response codes on webmaster.

We had to create a mini website using unbounce, we submitted links to webmasters but our link building is full of errors, i.e:

All links are like this - http://www.mysite.pt/something/clkn/h… - Response stauts 410 Gone.

Why are links presented like this?
Any solution?

Huge fan of unbounce, excellent platform but some features are needed fast, like responsive design, mini-site platform, cross pages tags.


Response when clicking on the link in google webmasters:

We’re sorry, but the link you followed appears to be invalid.


Hey there Egiro!

To clarify, you should only see the “clkn” when links on your landing page are clicked. Any links on your landing page will be wrapped with clkn. We use them so we can track outgoing links on your pages as conversions, if you enable any links as conversion goals.

That being said, the “clkn” shouldn’t be interfering with your links. I spot checked a few of your landing pages and wasn’t able to reproduce any errors.

I’ve opened up a Support Ticket for you as I have a few questions for you. Check your email Egiro!