4 Days Left to Show off Your Lightbox Savvy for a Chance to win


Hi Unbouncers!

Wanted to give everyone here a heads up that there are only four more days to enter the Spring Cleaning Contest!

What’s that, you ask? (only the coolest opportunity you’ll encounter this season). 

Here at Unbounce we’re looking to reward an Unbounce customer who can transform a landing page using lightboxe s, a brand new feature to the Page Builder. 

Lightboxes are modal windows that allow you to feature nice-to-know information on your landing page without taking up critical real estate, or cluttering up your design. 

To enter the contest you’ll send us a quick before and after of a landing page where you’ve used lightboxes to improve the overall experience for your visitors. For some initial ideas, you could use lightboxes to:

  • Clean up the copy featured on your page to avoid info overload
  • Setup better structure or information hierarchy (to guide visitors to convert with your CTA)
  • Feature nice-to-know details like speaker bios, fine details, or extras, or
  • Test out a lightbox form (enabling visitors to activate your CTA when they’re ready to convert)
    You can see the contest details, and what’s in it for the lucky winner (spoiler alert: an awesome prize pack) on the official landing page. 

Can’t wait to see your expert entries!