301 Redirect traffic?


I am facing a scenario where, the landing page will no longer be needed because the product is ready for launch. Is there a way to redirect (301 redirect) the traffic of a landing page to a new permanent URL? The coming soon page is no longer needed, but there are links out there pointing to it and I don’t want to shut down the landing page and have that traffic 404. Should I just do a redirect with a javascript snip on that landing page? It would be nice if there was a state you could put a page into where it refers all traffic to the live page or new location after you are finished using it.


Hi Trapper,
This would definitely be a helpful feature and is somewhere on our roadmap for the future - unfortunately a javascript snippet would be the only way for you to accomplish this at the moment. Obviously this isn’t very ideal (google will not pass along any love to your new URL, etc…)



I am facing a similar situation and would love to get more information on what that javascript snippet would look like. And where would we place it? Thanks!


Any answers to this topic? There’re some URLs of landing pages I don’t want to use any longer and would be helpful to redirect the traffic.


Any update on this?


I would like to be able to change the url of a page and have the old url redirect to the new.


Hey there Phillip! 

If you’d like to redirect from one page to another (for example, try.myawesomecompany.com/august to try.myawesomecompany.com/september) you can set up a Javascript redirect in Unbounce. 

To set up a Javascript redirect, just paste this script below into your Javascripts panel in your page builder:

<script type="text/javascript"> 

Set the placement to ‘Head’, and don’t forget to change the URL in the script to match the URL you want to use!

Hope this helps! 


Hey there Steven! The request for 301s has been triaged, and is currently under consideration. There isn’t a timeframe on this one yet, but it’s certainly on our radar! 


Please update - an important feature. Thanks! 


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Is there a way to set up a 301 redirect from inside Unbounce? I know about redirects via the meta tags and javascript, but from what I’ve read those methods aren’t SEO friendly.


Has anyone experienced the following Cross-browser client side URL redirection generator tool with Unbounce? 


I’m trying to get my Unbounce Form Confirmation Dialog redirecting to a 3rd party URL for survey filling (e.g. Wufoo) with a single click on the form button. Simply, how do I redirect Unbounce form confirmation dialog to URL (possibly with a delay). Any suggestions or ideas?

Thank you.


Hi Laura, This doesn’t work for me. What am I doing wrong?


Hi team has there been any further progress on the redirects yet? Thanks


Please give this feature some priority and shift it up on the list of improvements. This is really important specially now with the new plan where you don’t have unlimited pages anymore.


That’s a very important feature that is missing. Any update when it’ll be ready?


Following…I have a redirect plugin installed on wordpress but doesnt seem to catch the url in time.


I think this feature is pretty important so that I can redirect traffic when I remove a landing page.

This might also be a useful feature for the 404 Page. It is kind of awkward that my 404 pages load an intermediate page and then redirects with JavaScript.


We’re coming up on the 7th birthday of this request and I was wondering where on the timeline this is now? It was on the roadmap 7 years ago, so I’m looking forward to some good news!!!


Hi @Bob, we’re constantly making tradeoff decisions about what we should build and having more engagement in this thread will definitely help bump Page Redirects up the list. While it’s still a feature on our future roadmap, it has been bumped a few times for other priorities now which I understand isn’t what you’re hoping to hear.

At the moment a couple of those features that have bumped it currently are:
• Integrating directly with Zapier to open up the door for many new integrations,
• Creating a new Convertable type that we’re really excited to launch and improving Convertables Geo-Targeting capabilities

As a product team, we re-evaluate roadmap priorities and opportunities on a regular basis so this kind of feedback continues to be extremely valuable!


Hi Partho,

I understand that tradeoffs need to be made, but after 7 years of requests, implementing a redirect module when a page gets unpublished or deleted doesn’t seem like a sprint that would take you months, right?

I understand that integrations are important for your product to remain sticky, add value and to reduce churn but if we cannot even do basic things like redirects without using javascript, even after 7 years of requests, I do think you’re letting your community down…