3 important issues before deciding to purchase


I am contemplating using you guys to create landing pages for 3 different hotels. Does the number of custom domains that I could theoretically set up one such domain for each hotel and my unique visitors would be an aggregate of the 3 subdomains? I am also wondering if it will be easy for me to include the java script which makes the booking widgets functional. By booking widget, I mean where a guest enters a stay date, etc. and submits the Check Availability CTA button and then jumps to the booking engine which is another domain. Finally, I’m confused about the character limit in the destination URL on Google. One of my hotels has a name that is barely within the 35 character limit. Am I required to add the subdomain to the destination URL, thus exceeding the 35 character limit or will my primary domain still be ok with Google?


Hi Jerry. Is your last question referring to a Google Adwords campaign? If so:
your DESTINATION URL can be as long as it needs to be.
your DISPLAY URL needs to be within the 35 character limit, and does not need to include your subdomain (the primary domain just needs to be accurate).

Hope that helps a little!


Hi Jerry, sorry we didn’t respond sooner - this thread slipped through the cracks over the weekend.

  1. Yes you can set up a custom domain for each hotel, and your unique visitor per month allotment would be an aggregate of all of your pages across all of your custom domains.

  2. It’s possible to have the form on your Unbounce page POST the results to another URL (your own booking engine on another URL) so that you can test the landing page for having people fill out the form, but leave the heaving lifting to your own system. Read more on how to set this up here…

  3. Amy is correct, the display URL has a character limit, but the destination URL can be as long as you like. The display URL does not need to include the sub-domain either (or the path).

Hope those answers help!