2 years of procrastination and ready for feed back


Soooo, I have had the task of building some landing pages sitting on my desk for over 2 years. This is my first and would love feedback. I will turn this over to a company at some point but I’d like to learn the process so I can competently guide future marketing development.I am a chiropractor by trade but work primarily in niche occupational services.



Welcome to the community! Even if it has taken 2 years to get here… it seems as though you are ready to jump into the world of landing pages with both feet!

How are you sending traffic to this (or any) landing page?

There is a lot that could be done with this page so to not overwhelm you I’ll give you a few things and then let some others chime in.

  1. The hero image doesn’t say medical exam. At first, I thought this was a page about trucking physical goods.

  2. Is medical examiner the right phrase? I hear medical examiner and think Quincy, MD not a doctor that is going to give me a physical. I would clean up the references to medical examiner and just say DOT Certified Physician

  3. You are mixing a lot of messages in each block. i.e the first paragraph headline talks about service without breaking the bank, but your supporting paragraph talks about a streamlined process to get you back on the road quickly.

  4. Mobile version, you have some formatting issues to work on… don’t forget to make sure you preview and test both!

  5. Form: Get Scheduled Today… is filling out this form confirming an appointment or is it just getting your info so someone can follow up and confirm something? It feels like this is confirming something which I am guessing will create some confusion.

It is a good start, but there is work to be done to get this into a finished product. Good Luck!


All great points @Joe_Savitch! :raised_hands:



  1. I pulled hero pic off my website(dotexam.us) just to keep some consistency. I will locate more representative pics
  2. Medical examiner is proper term but I am not opposed to change. I will consult Adwords for more common search term
  3. Electronic process allows us to reduce interaction time by 50%. Apparently a fail in my attempt at justification
  4. I need to learn how to manipulate the flow of the form on the mobile
  5. The form gives me the necessary info for a return email which contains medical history questionnaire and confirms drivers preferred appointment is available. I will have to work on clarity and survey existing patients.

The market tends to be tech adverse old men which is somewhat challenging to penetrate.


Hey Tod,

Welcome to the forums and congrats on your first page! :slight_smile:

Here’s some feedback for ya…

  1. I would avoid using a dark background. It works for certain types of businesses, but for medical services, a lighter background would probably be ideal.

  2. I like that you’re encapsulating your form with the blue outline. That helps it stand out. But maybe simplify the messaging around the form somewhat. For instance, the text you have on the orange button is pretty wordy. That’s more of a sub-headline than button text. Try something shorter for the button text, such as “Schedule My DOT Physical” or even just “Get an Appointment”.

  3. I’d add more photos to the page, especially photos with people. You want your visitors to relate to what they see on the page. Photos of the doctors, the office, people speaking with the doctors, etc. would be nice.

  4. I like that you have a testimonial on the page, but it wasn’t at first apparent that it was a testimonial. I would add a photo of the person providing the testimonial and also add larger quotation marks.

  5. Lastly, you might want to test some different layouts of your page. Instead of creating one from scratch, you can use one of the existing Unbounce templates. I think your offer would look good in these pages, but that’s just my personal opinion:


Best of luck with the page and let me know if you have any more questions!