2 webforms on one page


I’m using a long form Squeeze page.

Currently you do not support 2 forms on one page which effectively means I’m going to be expecting my visitors to scroll alllllllll the way bacdk to the top of the page to opt-in.

Obviously that is a straight conversion killer.

May I suggest you enable 2 forms on one page please?


I really want this feature too


I know this wouldn’t be a perfect fix, but you could use a link anchor near the bottom to jump people directly back to the top.


If you are using long form you probably shouldn’t put the form at the top. It’s like asking to kiss at the beginning of a first date. There needs to be some romancing first, so to speak. If you feel you can close immediately, then you shouldn’t be using long form.

In the past, I put the form at the bottom, then scatter buttons throughout the content that jump to the form. You can use javascript to add nice scroll animations.

If you want to be obnoxiously in your face about it, you can try a script called “ScrollToFixed” to fix the form to the side of the page as the user scrolls. http://bigspotteddog.github.io/Scroll…

In my work, I’ve found moving the form to a second page works much better for me.


These are all great points, Phil! Especially the ‘kiss at the beginning of a first date’ metaphor. It’s great to hear that you actually took the time to A/B test different approaches to see what converts best. 

I’m curious to hear more about the ‘ScrollToFixed’ approach. Have you tried this one yourself? It sounds similar to our Fixed Header approach, which to me, feels a tad bit obnoxious. Also, judging from what we’ve heard so far, this kind of approach has been known to decrease conversions rather than increase them. I’m curious to hear how your tests went though – any conversion data you’d like to share?