2 Page form - Page 1 is not passing info to CRM



I am utilizing a 2 page form.

Page 1 passes the info (name, phone, postal, email) to page 2.

The goal is to get them to fill out additional information on page 2.

Page 1 is passing info to page 2 however it is not passing it to my CRM. How can I enable Page 1 to pass the data to both Page 2 and to my CRM (infusionsoft)



forgot the email field

problem solved


Awesome job! :slight_smile:


How did you do this? Steps please.


Hi Grant, 
Are you referring to a multi-step form? If so, you can find the post in the Community about this here, or find the official documentation here

Hope this helps! :) 


Hey Justin,

Thanks for the links. This is not exactly what I was looking for, however, maybe you can help.

We have two different landing pages with two different offers/products. The confirmation url for landing page 1 goes to landing page 2 with a different offer/product that the user might be interested in. This second page has the same form fields plus one extra. Is there a way to pre-populate the form fields on page 2 with the inputs from page 1?

The idea is to create a funnel of offers that might be interesting for one user. But there is a catch… The user must sign up for each offer individually for legal purposes. We are just trying to simplify the process. Please let me know if you can help. 


Hi Grant, 
You can use the multi-step form instructions to achieve this. The only difference is that on the second page you wouldn’t make the fields hidden, but instead make them visible. 

Give it a try here: 


Thanks Justin. This is closer. The only caveat is we cannot pass user info through url parameters for legal reasons on our end. Thanks for your help.