2 language landing page


How can I add a language link toggle to the top of my landing page
so that users can click and switch between English and Spanish versions? Thanks!


how do you create separate pages??
I can’t even duplicate an existing page because I can’t get even 1 page to come up.


Hey Deborah - From your ‘pages’ view, select the gear wheel beside the page you wish to copy and select ‘duplicate page’. Here’s a support article providing a bit more detailed information:


Hope that helps. Shoot us an email to support@unbounce.com if you encounter any issues


Hey Johhny! 
I’m just wondering: how can I set links to another landing page under the same domain? I mean, where can I find the subdomain of each landing page so as to create links between them? 
Many thanks! 


Hey Bernardo - In the page overview area you can set your URL of your landing page. Once you’ve set the URL and published the page you can grab that URL and set it as your links URL in your other landing pages.


Hey Johnny thanks for this but it’s still a bit unclear for me.

I mean, I know there is a URL (I’m not so newbie! haha just kidding) so in order to have an English version of this page I would need another URL, right? Perhaps /en. But this means I have to create another page, doesn’t it? I thought I could just create another page variant within the original URL and have them interconnected by exchanging links.

Many thanks!


Hey Bernardo - They need to be separate pages. Variants are only for AB testing and don’t get their own unique URL.

There’s a easy way to make a page from a variant though. Just click the gear icon beside the variant and select ‘create a new page from variant’


Humm now I got it. That was my doubt. Thanks a lot, Johnny! 


Hey George - The best way to go about this is to create separate pages for your english and spanish versions. For a quick start I recommend duplicating your existing page, then updating the copy with the second language.


Once that’s done you can simply add a link to each version of the page linking to the alternative language choice.