123Contactform, Unbounce & Marketo Integration - do they all work together?


If I use 123Contact form on Unbounce to attach files to my landing pages will my existing integration with Marketo still work? 

Will the lead data from the form submission still pass through to Marketo? Or will I need to integrate 123Contactform with Marketo? 

Does anyone have experience with this? 


Hi David, 

If you are currently using the native Unbounce to Marketo integration, it won’t work once you switch out your Unbounce form with a 123Contact form. 

You’ll need to integrate your 123Contact form with Marketo separately.



Hi Hristian, 

That’s what I thought. Thank you for confirming. Much appreciated. 


No problem David. 

Just make sure, you send back data to Unbounce so they can track form submissions as conversions. 

Also,here is the basic set up for 123Contactform to Marketo integration.