1 Stage Landing page vs. 2 Stage landing Page


I used to be in the domain parking business and parked pages can either be 1 click or 2 clicks.   Below are examples of what I am talking about.



I see a lot of similarities between domain parked pages and lead generation pages.   You have one shot at converting them and after that you never see them again.  Generally, 2 stage landers are better for broader topics where people could be searching for a lot of different things so it requires two clicks to get them what they are looking for.    And, when the traffic is more targeted you generally use a 1 stage parked page.   Do many people use a similar concept with landing pages and if so does anyone have some examples they could provide? 


Hello Paul,

I’m not exactly sure that I understand what you are asking.  
Are you asking if Unbounce can be used as a generic “parked” domain name to passively convert organic visitors into leads or if it can be used as a directory/affiliate approach?  

I have heard of a couple of people trying things similar to this, but my understanding is that the digital space has gotten too competitive for this to be worth the effort in most cases.  

The good news is that with retargeting it does not have to be the last time that a visitor sees your brand/offering!

Landing pages convert visitors into leads or sells them a product/service.  I would encourage you to market one product/service with one call to action for a niche landing page.    

Odds are that the closest thing to what you described is the directory model.  Listing viable related options to what the visitor was searching for and collecting a commission as a referrer/affiliate.  The challenge is that this is a tough game of arbitrage with slim margins in most cases as you are competing for paid traffic against direct suppliers of this service/product.  

You could certainly A/B test which affiliate links perform best!


Here is a mock-up of what I am talking about.  


The links are not hooked up yet but they will all go to medium to long text page.


Ok.  I see what you are talking about now.  The best practice is to eliminate all of the leaks.  Leaks include hyperlinks to other content, social media links (unless outstanding social media proof), multiple call to actions etc.  

You can certainly test it, but the idea is that you want the visitor’s attention on one call to action.  Your offering is slightly complex so I understand why you want to link to educational resources that explain what you do.  I’d recommend testing different copywriting that explains what you do.  

Another option is to invest in producing a live action or animated explainer video. The beauty of video is that you make it easy for people to understand the value of your service and you can capture leads directly in videos with Wistia’s turnstiles.  

If this interests you feel free to check out my company Nexus Conversions for more information on animated explainer videos.



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