0% Conversion rate with >1000 views

1: What challenge are you currently trying to solve?
We have over 1000 views on this page, and all of the similar pages (which only have a different banner image), and no one has filled out the form.

2: How are you driving traffic to your page?
Social media posts (FB, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn) , social media ads on Facebook and Pinterest, and Adwords.

3: What is your conversion goal?
Filling out the form to request more information.

4: Provide a link to your published landing page / convertable:

There could be any number of reasons why your conversion rate is so poor, many of which are impossible to determine from just viewing the landing page alone (e.g. your ad targeting is wrong, there’s a huge message mismatch between ad and landing page headline, etc.). If we were to focus just on your landing page, though, one of the big things that stands out to me is that the copy for the headline, which dominates the page, seems more appropriate for a small home improvement or bathroom renovation company than a financial institution. The headline doesn’t clearly describe what the product/service is. That description doesn’t come up till a little later (“Use your home’s equity to borrow at low rates”), but it’s visually overwhelmed by the “Roll Into a much needed bathroom renovation” and “Home Equity Line of Credit” headline and sub-headline. From a trust perspective, financial transactions are a serious matter for most people and seeing a toilet roll as the main image on the landing page very likely makes them question the validity of the landing page and company. I would start by looking at those things first. If I were to start with a clean slate, I would remove the first section with the toilet roll image and “Roll Into….” headline and replace it with the “Use your home’s equity…”, followed by the bullet points. Assuming your ad targeting and copy are fine, I think those things alone would produce a positive result. Hope this helps!


Thank you so much for your feedback! I took this and some other suggestions into account, and created this instead: https://go.alliancecu.org/lock-in-a-great-heloc-homequitylineofcredit/. That image is from our display campaign, and makes sense when someone clicks that ad over to it, but I created this new alternative page for our search campaigns, and I think it does make much more sense without the context of the original ad. I’m also hoping the smart art helps clarify how the product works. I appreciate all your help - feel free to check out the updated version and let me know your thoughts.

I think your second effort is a bit of an improvement. It’s more immediately clear what it is you do and what you’re offering. But there is still room for more improvement.

There is still too much going on with this page. You talk about the benefits of this type of loan, then move into home renovations. And you have a call to action to speak with a financial professional, another to follow you on Pinterest, and a third to apply now. Plus you have links to a Pinterest board and a remodeling magazine, plus a pop-up when the page loads with yet another offer and CTA. What exactly is it you want the user to do? Pick one thing and focus on that.

The top of your new page seems best geared toward people at the top of the funnel. If you are targeting them, then I would create a more compelling offer based on their needs. For instance, you could create some sort of educational lead magnet like a free guide to Home Equity Loans or something along those lines.

If you are targeting people further down with a start the application CTA, then you need to provide much more information. You don’t even mention your rates or why someone should choose your organization over another.

With your form, you should be specific about what happens when someone fills it out. You mention speaking to a finance professional, but it’s vague. What exactly is that conversation going to be about? Are they going to get a hard sell? Why would they want to talk to that person? And what happens after they submit the form? The phone number isn’t a required field, so they may not get a cal? Will they get an email to schedule a call? What is the timeframe that things will happen? And if the goal is to get someone on the phone, why don’t you have the phone number on the page?

Keep working and testing things. Best of luck!

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Your form on mobile isn’t working. I’m getting a lot of squashed type, so I can’t read what some of your form is asking.

Thanks so much for letting me know!

Thanks Sean, I appreciate the feedback!

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My pleasure.