Feature Requests

Multi-step forms [Feature Requests] (3)
Improve Landing Page Speed [Feature Requests] (6)
Ability to create tables [Builder & Page Hosting] (3)
Support for Retina Images [Feature Requests] (2)
Open Graph :: Rich Images, Descriptions, Social Sharing, Etc [Builder & Page Hosting] (5)
Faster image browsing [Builder & Page Hosting] (2)
Filtering and A/B Cue on Pages View [Feature Requests] (5)
A Landing Page template with a real multi-step form! [Forms & Lead Generation] (6)
Multi-step Form Automatically Next [Forms & Lead Generation] (7)
Background color on a form [Forms & Lead Generation] (10)
Google Docs / Google Sheets Integration [Integrations] (18)
Copy a variant from one pop-up to another [Convertables] (2)
Post form submission questionnaire? [Feature Requests] (2)
Public Preview Links [Feature Requests] (2)
Can you pull cookied utm parameters on our website into an unbounce convertable's hidden fields? [Convertables] (8)
Prevent Duplicate Email Submissions [Feature Requests] (9)
Ability to change the format of forms [Feature Requests] (2)
Easy way to go from page to page [Feature Requests] (2)
Allow sub-folders / name editing in image/media library [Feature Requests] (4)
Automatic download file on a landing page [Feature Requests] (6)
Possibility to group elements without a box [Feature Requests] (2)
Implement SASS as an alternative to CSS [Feature Requests] (5)
Duplicate/Copy sections from one variant to another [Implemented] ( 2 3 ) [Feature Requests] (57)
New feature request: past months' Traffic Usage Meter [Feature Requests] (2)
New Feature: Publish Unbounce Pages to WordPress (Beta) [Integrations] (9)
Stripe Integration ( 2 3 ) [Integrations] (49)
Does Unbounce offer templates with carousels/slides? [Feature Requests] (7)
Shared Sections/Blocks [Feature Requests] (8)
Scheduled Publishing/Unpublishing for Landing Page Variants [Feature Requests] (4)
Font Awesome, Google Fonts, Drag & Drop Image upload? [Feature Requests] (3)