Question has been flagged and is on a DNS Block List (DNSBL)

  • 15 March 2024
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Urls pointing to (even with the subdomain) are being flagged by LinkedIn as malicious. Every client we have that is using the domain is having this issue. Currently the only DNSBL service that has listed is

For example: when URLs to on LinkedIn are clicked, it displays a ‘malicious content’ warning. Upon further investigation LinkedIn uses as a resource for flagging malicious URLs. 

What can we do to fix? Can UnBounce request to be removed from this block list? 

4 replies


@Hristian thanks! That is a great idea. Actually, painfully obvious now that I see it, haha. 

It is rare I have a client that won’t work with me on adding a subdomain to the root domain that they already own, but it does happen. Your solve would get around that problem more gracefully. 

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@Rjlzaitz people use these domains for all kinds of legitimate and not so legitimate purposes. 

If you can’t use a custom domain for your clients, I would suggest just buying a domain. 

This way you’ll have full control. Can add sub-domains if you wish. Provision SSL certificates on it. Use it for as many different brands/clients as you want. 

All for the low price of $10/year or whatever the going rate is for a .com domain. 


Hey @Oliver_Lord 

I did that! Figured this is worth posting in Community to:

  1. See if others are having a similar issue
  2. Notify others who may be running campaigns on LinkedIn so they can check and make sure they are not experiencing a similar problem

FWIW, I have not heard back from support with a resolution yet (we chatted on Friday). Based on my research, all links I found on LinkedIn that pointed to a page with a root domain of had this issue (regardless of subdomain, UTM parameters, etc). 

Our workaround has been to use (when we can’t use a custom domain), but that presents issues with that not being an https URL. But that is a lesser problem than someone being presented with a  ‘scary’ malicious content message from LinkedIn. 

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Hi there @Rjlzaitz 


Thanks for your post here in the Community ✋


Really appreciate you bringing this matter to our attention - in order to rectify it as quickly as possible, could I ask that you reach out to our Support team for further investigation? They are the best people to speak to for matters such as this.


Have a great day!