Trying to add a border on edge of desktop.

  • 22 April 2024
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This landing page branding (not ours) has been giving us issues. I want to add this png border to the edge of the page. I can extend it all the way there even if it’s out of bounds but it usually snaps back to no longer being on the edge. Any solutions out there? Something that’s pretty clear that I am missing? 


Note: that this currently isn’t a part of our background image. 


1 reply

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Hey @ghalewrk00, thanks for posting! 👋 

I’m a little confused by what you’re trying to do here exactly but it sounds to me like you’re having trouble adding a background image (it’s not stretching to the page edges), is that correct? You can find out how to add a background image in Unbounce by following the steps found here.


You’ll want to change the Background Properties Style from ‘Solid Color’ to ‘Image’:



You can then choose an image from your image gallery. This will ensure that the background image stretches to fill the entirety of the page. 

I hope this helps @ghalewrk00, if this isn’t what you were referring to then you may be better off reaching out to our support team for further help. You can reach them here: