Smart Builder Discontinued?

  • 24 April 2024
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I just signed up for Unbounce… mostly because of things I’ve read about Smart Builder.  When I try to create a new lading page I don’t see an option for Smart Builder so I contacted support and they said they are no longer offering it to anyone who signed up after April 10th.

What is going on?  Are they discontinuing it?


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5 replies

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Hey @psaunders we have now enabled Smart Builder access in your account, you’ll just need to enable it in the ‘Labs’ section and you’ll be good to go: 


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Hey @UnitedMarketing I was unable to locate your Unbounce account, can you please confirm whether or not you now have access to the Smart Builder? If not, can you please open a support request with our support team? You can find out how to contact them here:
We’ll be happy to get that enabled for you asap! 👍 

​​​​@psaunders I can see that you don’t have access yet, I have followed up with the team in charge and we should have your access granted by later today. I’ll follow up with you here once that’s done. 👍 

I also just signed up for Unbounce and need access to Smart Builder to use apps. 

I sent in a request but haven’t heard anything, can someone grant me access?




Hi all,


Thank you for bringing this up - I agree with this OP - I wasn’t warned that I wouldn’t have the Smart Builder feature when I signed up. How do I use apps in Classic Builder?

I am looking to get a landing page turned around quickly but without said features, I’m spending most of my time trying to look up answers to questions instead of building. 

I have requested access via the link provided but no update yet. 


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Hey @S72Headshots , :wave::skin-tone-2:

Great to hear you're excited to build pages using Unbounce, and I apologize for the confusing start. Smart Builder hasn't been discontinued, but we are evaluating where it sits in our platform. We're currently giving Classic Builder some much-needed love, and adding many of the best parts of Smart Builder there.

While we work through what's next for Smart Builder, new customers who are keen to use it can submit a request here.

If you have more questions, feel free to message me directly!